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Marta Ayala is a Latin American woman artist specializing in public murals and paintings. Many of her San Francisco murals are part of the Precita Eyes Mural Walk and other work appears in public spaces throughout the Bay Area. Her paintings have been featured in numerous solo and group shows, including at the Somarts Gallery and the San Francisco Museum de Arte Hispana Contemporanea.

A native of El Salvador, Marta has been a resident of San Francisco since 1968. Her work combines colorful and vibrant images and forms evoking memories from her childhood, ancient cultures and above all, rocks, stones and water.

Her paintings are featured in the book Latin American Women Artists of the United States by Robert Henkes and her public mural "Manjushri" is featured in the book Murals: Walls That Sing by photo-journalist George Ancona.

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New Series! Thread Connections


In a sense, Ayala's work falls into the mainsteam of American art. Her cultural heritage is evident in her primitive approach. In a statement to [me], Marta Ayala sums up her philosophy: "My vision is called primitive because the vivid colors and naive representations call forth ancient emotions. They are a vibrant and powerful affirmation of life." - Robert Henkes

Valentine's Day  
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Over the last two years, Marta has been producing new mixed-media work that has expanded her artistic range but still reflects the core influences seen throughout her other paintings.   View >>
Thread Connections Series: Thread Connection Unknown  
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It all started with a box of bobbins found tossed out on the street... Marta's new series of three dimensional constructions use bright colors, found objects, fabric, tchotchkes and ephemera to explore the interconnectedness of all life.   View >>
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Marta's murals appear in public spaces throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The mural images have recently been reprocessed from the original source files, resulting in photos with better color and better quality for you to enjoy.     View>>



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