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Marta's new work continues her exploration into mixed media. Using textiles, wire, cardboard, stones, dried plants, found objects and ephmera, this new work adds a tactile and three dimensional aspect to her canvases while still retaining the core influences seen in her other paintings: bright colors, images from her childhood, the spirit worlds of both Buddhism and the ancient Maya, and just plain whimsy.

Unless otherwise specified, paintings are oil on canvas. Paintings are available for purchase; please contact the studio for pricing information.

Brand New Series: Thread Connections 3D Multimedia Constructions! Click for Preview



June 16 2016: updated with 12 new paintings


Three Birds   Effervescence   El Campo

redyellowblack   Riverflow   Peru

Dance   Havasupai   Sol

Earth 1   Earth 2   Amarillo Tempestad

Los Casas  oil on canvas    
Los Casas   Un Corazon   Carnaval

Golden Gate #1  oil on canvas   Golden Gate #2  oil on canvas   Golden Gate #3  oil on canvas
Golden Gate #1   Golden Gate #2   Golden Gate #3

Self Portrait oil on canvas   Un Ciudad  oil on canvas  
Self Portrait   Un Ciudad   The Cage

El Viaje De Mi Madre Uno oil on canvas   El Viaje De Mi Madre Dos  mixed media   Valentine's Day  oil on canvas
El Viaje De Mi Madre Uno   El Viaje De Mi Madre Dos   Valentine's Day


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