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Marta Ayala Paintings Gallery

Marta's paintings have appeared in group and solo shows throughout the Bay Area, including the Somarts Gallery, the Museum de Arte Hispano Contemporea and the Lynn Gallery.

Unless otherwise specified, paintings are oil on canvas. Paintings are available for purchase; please contact the studio for pricing information.

Tsunami Dos  Oil on Canvas   The Pond   Oil on Canvas   Dwellings   Oil on Canvas
Tsunami Dos   The Pond   Dwellings

Guatemala   Oil on Canvas   Mi Casa   Oil on Canvas   Urbano   Oil on Canvas
Guatemala   Mi Casa   Urbano

La Tierra Uno   Oil on Canvas   La Tierra Dos   Oilon Canvas   Portales   Mixed media
La Tierra Uno   La Tierra Dos   Portales

Puerta en Puerta #1   Oil on Canvas   Puerta en Puerta #3   Oil on Canvas   Puerte en Puerte #3   Oil on Canvas
Puerte en Puerte #1   Puerte en Puerte #2   Puerte en Puerte #3

Puerte en Puerte #4   Mixed Media   Silver Tree   Mixed Media   Tianemen Square   Mixed Media
Puerte en Puerte #4   Silver Tree   Tianemen Square


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