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Look, Judge and Act | 2002 | Richmond CA

This mural reflects the often harsh reality of the Point Richmond community as well as a positive vision of what a progressive and aware community could be.

commissioned by Contra Costa College and St Mark's Catholic Church







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The Alvarado School Murals | 2001-2002 | 625 Douglass

There were seven murals in this project reflecting nature and outdoor plant life. The murals were designed and painted by all five grade levels in the school.

Made possible by a California Arts Council Art in Schools Grant







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Waiting for the 52 Excelsior | 2001 | 4750 Mission

The mural depicts positive images of the Excelsior neighborhood; it also shows nature - represented by images of McClaren Park - and urban life existing harmoniously without any boundaries.

Made possible by a grant from San Francisco Beautification Fund







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