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The Garfield High Mural | 2006 | East Palo Alto

The mural reflects the hopes of Garfield High students to transform their city into a more beautiful and peaceful city. The mural was painted entirely by students under Marta's direction.







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All About Music | 2006 | John McClaren CDC

The McClaren CDC serves mainly special needs and developmentally disabled students. The mural was outlined by Marta using drawings made by the students and then it was painted by the students under Marta's guidance.







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Monterey Bay Aquarium Mural | 2006 | Various Locations in California

The mural was commisioned by the Monterey Bay Aquarium as part of an ocean conservation outreach program to the Latino community in the Bay Area and Central Valley. Multiple versions were painted by high school students under Marta's direction and the mural was also used as a billboard by the Aquarium.



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